Sandro Kessler – Empowering Leaders

As Executive Coach, Change Facilitator, and Enabler, Sandro Kessler enables freedom of action in day-to-day leadership

Permanent change and uncertainty are determining daily life in leadership. Success and setback often lie close together, characterize daily work that repeatedly demands quick decisions. The consequence: leaders feel burnt out, incapable of action, and disoriented. This is exactly where Sandro Kessler comes in: “As an executive coach, change facilitator, and enabler, it is my objective to accompany you as a top leader and influential executive or as a leadership team of a company and thereby expand or restore your competences.“

With ‘Empowering Leaders,’ he is strengthening confidence and independence and is uncovering valuable resources from which new energy can be drawn for strong leadership.

As an Executive Coach, Sandro Kessler focuses on unconscious thought and behavior patterns that cover up own strengths. “Executive Coaching creates clarity. The view from the outside makes unintentional thought and behavior patterns visible,” said Sandro Kessler, a certified coach with many years of international experience. To offer the greatest possible flexibility, his coaching sessions are also available online.

In his role as change facilitator, he succeeds in accelerating changes and anchoring them in the company. By way of process design and systemic thinking, he supports and accompanies processes in companies. As an enabler, he focuses on continually developing potentials and ensures maximum competence. “It is my goal to achieve maximum effectiveness quickly and pragmatically, with the given resources and under the current circumstances,” the expert for leadership added.

He himself founded his first company at the age of 20. His later work as a project manager paved the way for an international career in top management. “The single project turned into 10 years of project, program, and crisis management including method and process consulting, while designing and implementing the appropriate special training for leaders. For 15 years, I have been sharing this experience with leaders and management teams all over the world. For 30 years, expanding the scope of action has been my passion, be it for leaders, leadership teams, or entire organizations. Today, I can look back on more than 16,000 successful individual coaching sessions. I designed and led more than 300 events such as customized interventions and conferences for leadership teams, large group events with whole companies, seminars, teambuilding measures, and training,” Sandro Kessler concludes.

Competence, independence, and confidence in leadership – even in uncertain times! Read here how to succeed!