Reinforcing strengths

Leaders’ complex daily routines can lead to being chronically overworked in the long term. Subconscious but firmly anchored patterns of thought and behavior are covering up their own strengths, thus making leadership tasks ever more difficult. Executive Coaching creates clarity. The view from the outside makes the subconscious patterns of thought and behavior visible.

Rely on experience

As a certified coach with many years of experience, I am designing effective change processes. My Executive Coaching follows client needs. It is only the result that counts. This requires situational use of tailor-made coaching, mentoring, and consulting. I rely on scientifically based methods.

Fast, flexible and targeted – including online

Executive Coaching must produce results within a short time and needs to be flexibly embedded in the client’s daily leadership routine. This requires structure, experience, and a razor-sharp focus. For 15 years, I have also been offering online solutions for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Basic rules of Executive Coaching

Only those who are prepared to subject themselves unconditionally to the process and to relentlessly question their own thoughts and actions in a critical way will overcome their limitations and take a successful step forward in their development. Self-leadership enables team leadership.

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