Developing organizations, empowering people on a lasting basis

In the long term, a system will only be able to function if available resources and potentials provide the necessary drive. As Enabler, I am putting your organization (back) on track, uncovering existing potentials so that they can be effectively developed and used.

The Executive Development Program is based on raising your company’s performance and increasing productivity on a lasting basis.


Creativity on demand – no contradiction

Creativity is the ability to be creative, to create something new, to develop new solutions to problems. It is a state or process that requires mind, psyche, and craftsmanship in equal measure or that acts in harmony with a creative process. This process can be consciously initiated. My Core Model, which I have been using for 20 years and which is constantly being optimized, works equally well for individuals and groups, regardless of culture or social environment.

Maximum range of competences

Entrepreneurial freedom means exercising competences. Due to the increasing complexity of everyday leadership, however, this freedom is often restricted. Change your perspective and rely on sound expertise for practical implementation in your context – for a maximum range of competences.

Fast and pragmatic solutions

Top management requires quick decisions and flexibility. This is where appropriate individual tools and building blocks for a successful change process are needed. My goal is to achieve maximum effectiveness quickly and pragmatically, with the given means and under the current circumstances.

You want to demonstrate new competences?