Your company is successful and you want to take your leadership team to the next level of success?
You are successful and feel you have reached a plateau from which there is no way up?
You are lacking power and energy, you are feeling burnt out? You are blocked and no longer free in your decisions?

Empowering Leaders

As Executive Coach, Change Facilitator, and Enabler, it is my goal to accompany you, as top and influential leader or as a company’s leadership team, and to expand or restore your competences.

Empowering Leaders – for a full range of competences, independence, confidence, and the necessary peace of mind needed to draw new energy.

Rely on years of international experience

To be transparent, solution-oriented, authentic, and empathetic are the cornerstones of successful leadership. As an experienced founder, businessman, and crisis manager, I will enable you and your team to achieve maximum performance and sustained success. Rely on my many years of experience across many industries and subjects gained from projects in more than 54 countries.

Change Facilitator

Moving people - changing companies
As a Change Facilitator, I am accelerating change and make sure that it is anchored in the company